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How we work

Episteme Digital Exclusive and Unique Method

Episteme Digital is not only the name of our organization, but it is also the name of our own scientific framework. This unique approach are concepts originating from ancient Greek philosophy, associating all knowledge dimensions from Aristotle.


The process (Episteme) starts by assessing and understanding the client’s reality, analyzing, and interpreting the current environment. This moment is followed by applying practical and theoretical knowledge (Techne and Sophia) to come up with findings, priorities, and hypotheses.


Once this is successfully completed, we considered that the organization has reached the Phronesis state, which means a new reality, validation of increased value, thus we don’t believe in cycles from this perspective, because we never go back to the start, the Fibonacci curve drive the organization to new states of evolution each time Episteme Digital Framework is applied.

Our Values

Our Values

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A Society grows great when old men plant trees, the shade which they know they will never sit in.”

Greek Proverb

Good people do things for other people, that’s it, the end.

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