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Cognisafe Standard Seal

Promotes Cognitive Health: The "CogniSafe Standard" seal ensures that applications have been rigorously evaluated for their impact on cognitive load, promoting mental well-being by reducing negative cognitive effects associated with prolonged use.

Enhances User Trust: Displaying the "CogniSafe Standard" seal signifies to users that the application adheres to high standards of cognitive health and responsible technology use, fostering greater trust and confidence in the app.

Differentiates Quality Apps: This seal helps differentiate quality applications in the marketplace by highlighting those that prioritize user cognitive health, making it easier for users to choose apps that are safe and beneficial.

Encourages Best Practices: The certification process encourages developers to adopt best practices in design and development, ensuring that apps are not only user-friendly but also mindful of their cognitive impact.

Recognizes Developer Commitment: The "CogniSafe Standard" seal recognizes and rewards developers who are committed to creating technology for good, encouraging the continuous improvement of applications to meet evolving standards of cognitive health.

More information yet to come when this service become available, stay tuned.

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