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"Delusions of a CIO: Inside the Mind of an IT Executive" o􀁼ers a compelling exploration into the

often misunderstood and romanticized role of a Chief Information O􀁽cer. Through a series of

introspective essays, interviews, and 􀁿rst-hand accounts, the book peels back the layers of

executive facade to reveal the complex psychological landscape of IT leadership.


The book begins by charting the CIO's rise from the server room to the boardroom, tracing the

evolution of the role alongside the rapid growth of technology's influence in business. It then

delves into the personal and professional challenges faced by CIOs—the weight of expectation to

drive innovation, the battle for budgetary support, and the quest to stay ahead in an everchanging

digital landscape. Each chapter presents a facet of the CIO's psyche, from the thrill of

technological breakthroughs to the isolation that comes with high-stakes decision-making.


"Delusions of a CIO" exposes the common misconceptions that haunt IT executives: the belief

that they have ultimate control over technology's impact on the business, the fallacy that they

can single-handedly safeguard the company's digital future, and the myth of the CIO as the allknowing

tech oracle. The narrative takes a turn towards the introspective, o􀁼ering a meditation

on the existential crises that accompany the role.

Delusions of a CIO: Inside the Mind of an IT Executive

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