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"Mastering Zero Trust: Identity and Access Management for IT Professionals" is an essential e-book that addresses the critical and evolving field of cybersecurity, specifically focusing on the Zero Trust security model. This book is tailored for IT professionals who are keen to deepen their understanding of this advanced security approach and its application in various organizational environments. In the digital era, where security breaches are increasingly sophisticated, the traditional perimeterbased security models are proving to be insufficient. Zero Trust, a security concept centered on the belief that organizations should not automatically trust anything inside or outside its perimeters, is gaining significant traction. This handbook dives into the core principles of Zero Trust, outlining its necessity in modern cybersecurity strategies. The e-book provides a comprehensive overview of Identity and Access Management ,IAM- in the context of Zero Trust. It covers the fundamentals of IAM, including user authentication, authorization, identity verification, and the management of roles and access privileges. The book emphasizes the importance of robust IAM policies and practices in implementing an effective Zero Trust strategy. Crucially, "Mastering Zero Trust" guides IT professionals through the practical steps of deploying Zero Trust architectures in their organizations. It explores various technologies and tools essential for Zero Trust implementation, such as multi-factor authentication, encryption, and endpoint security. The book also delves into the challenges and best practices in migrating from traditional security models to a Zero Trust framework. One of the unique aspects of this ebook is its focus on real-world applications and case studies.

Mastering Zero Trust: Identity and Access Management for IT Professionals

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